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mind has been selected for the Impact Fifty Award

Impact Fifty

mind has been recognised as one of the most impactful companies to work for and awarded the Impact Fifty Award 2023. Impact Fifty recognises only 50 companies for their commitment to creating a workplace environment where all employees feel they are making a genuine impact on an important cause.


Impact Fifty is the latest series by Hyer, deep diving into the world of impact and beyond. Exploring the most meaningful places to work and going behind the scenes to meet the most defining companies.

Impact Fifty


mind works tirelessly to support people with mental health issues and their families. Their compassionate and dedicated staff and volunteers are changing the lives of thousands of people across the UK, helping them to overcome the challenges of mental illness and lead happier, more fulfilling lives. They provide a lifeline to those who are struggling with their mental health, offering practical advice, support, and information to help them on their journey to recovery.


Through their network of local Minds and partnerships with healthcare providers, they ensure that people with mental health issues have access to the care and support they need, when they need it. MIND is committed to raising awareness and reducing the stigma surrounding mental health. They campaign for better mental health services, and provide training and resources to employers, schools, and communities, empowering them to support the mental wellbeing of their members.

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Inside the culture

The culture behind mind


"We won’t give up until everyone experiencing a mental health problem gets both support and respect. We provide advice and support to empower anyone experiencing a mental health problem. We campaign to improve services, raise awareness and promote understanding.


That's why our culture is built on collaboration and mutual respect. We value each other's voices and opinions, and encourage everyone to take part in conversations and ideas. We believe in creating an environment where everyone feels supported and respected, and where everyone is free to express themselves. We're always looking for ways to make mind a better place for our staff, volunteers and supporters.

We believe in work-life balance. We offer flexible working - flexitime, compressed hours, hybrid and home working opportunities.

We value lived experience of mental health problems, and prioritise mental wellbeing at work. We offer an Employee Assistance Programme (EAP) and access to reflective practice.

Impact Leaders

Impact Fifty is a movement that selects only the highest standard careers and companies that genuinely make an impact on important causes.


As a result of being selected into Impact Fifty, mind has proved and continues to commit to creating a workplace environment where all employees feel that they are making a genuine impact on an important cause.


Careers that make a difference


Impact Fifty Leaders

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Careers that mean more

Live Jobs
with mind

Careers that mean more

"mind is a workplace that lives its values. I feel open talking about my mental health and sharing when I'm struggling."

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