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Olio has been selected for the Impact Fifty Award

Impact Fifty

Olio has been recognised as one of the most impactful companies to work for and awarded the Impact Fifty Award 2023. Impact Fifty recognises only 50 companies for their commitment to creating a workplace environment where all employees feel they are making a genuine impact on an important cause.


Impact Fifty is the latest series by Hyer, deep diving into the world of impact and beyond. Exploring the most meaningful places to work and going behind the scenes to meet the most defining companies.

Impact Fifty


Olio is a free app on a mission to tackle the gigantic problem of consumption-to-waste in food and household items. Olio connects people with their local community, enabling them to connect with their local neighbours and find a new home for their items, as opposed to throwing them out. For example, globally, a third of all food produced is wasted each year, costing over $1 trillion with a devastating impact on the environment. It’s estimated that the UK alone throws away 9.5 million tonnes of food annually and one of Olio’s purposes is to address this head-on with a simple motto– Share More, Waste Less. Olio now has six million users that have shared 66 million portions of food and 6 million household items. By 2030, they plan to grow their user base to over a billion people ensuring that the world's most precious resources can be shared, not thrown away

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Inside the culture

The culture behind Olio

"We're building a company culture that's the living embodiment of our Olio values (inclusive, resourceful, caring and ambitious), simply put, everything we do and every decision we make, we make sure that we can justify how it relates back to that.


We actively try to cultivate and maintain the Olio magic, which is what you get when the whole organisation lives up to those values. The Olio magic is real and we truly believe in it, it's proven and evidenced by our consistently successful ESS scores, and so many of our team commemorate Olio for being the best job they've ever had. It's not uncommon that at company social events after a few drinks people tend to open up about all the things that are wrong in the workplace, however at Olio social events - people, after people have had a few drinks they come together and talk about how eternally grateful they are to be working here, and how it's changed their life, and it's a very beautiful and warming thing to be a part of!!"

Impact Leaders

Impact Fifty is a movement that selects only the highest standard careers and companies that genuinely make an impact on important causes.


As a result of being selected into Impact Fifty, OLIO has proved and continues to commit to creating a workplace environment where all employees feel that they are making a genuine impact on an important cause.


Careers that make a difference


Impact Fifty Leaders

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Careers that mean more

Live Jobs
with Olio

Careers that mean more

"I get to see the impact of my work on a daily basis by keeping good food out of the bin and helping people feel part of their local communities."

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