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Role Models has been selected for the Impact Fifty Award - Emerging Companies

Impact Fifty

Role Models has been recognised as one of the most impactful companies to work for and awarded the Impact Fifty Award 2023. Impact Fifty recognises only 50 companies for their commitment to creating a workplace environment where all employees feel they are making a genuine impact on an important cause.


Impact Fifty is the latest series by Hyer, deep diving into the world of impact and beyond. Exploring the most meaningful places to work and going behind the scenes to meet the most defining companies.

Impact Fifty

Role Models

Role Models is an education provider that focuses on giving children aged 3-13 life skills that help them thrive into adulthood. By inspiring a generation of young people to be the best version of themselves, Role Models wants to help forge a positive future for those who will be the ones that lead the world. Today's education systems are often not sufficient to prepare children with the life skills required to grow into independent, well-rounded adults. Role Models believe that the world needs people with empathy, resilience, and confidence to thrive and, since launch they have provided world-class life skills courses and classes for over 12,000 learners across the world.

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Meet the team behind Role Models

Laura Kay

Head of Education

As a company, how are you making a positive impact?

Impact Leaders

Impact Fifty is a movement that selects only the highest standard careers and companies that genuinely make an impact on important causes.


As a result of being selected into Impact Fifty, Role Models has proved and continues to commit to creating a workplace environment where all employees feel that they are making a genuine impact on an important cause.


Careers that make a difference


Impact Fifty Leaders

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Careers that mean more

Live Jobs with  Role Models

Careers that mean more

Role Models is an impact driven education provider. We focus on life skills that promote social & emotional wellbeing and dynamic thinking, helping young people to thrive in life; both at home and their future workplace.

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