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THIS has been selected for the Impact Fifty Award

Impact Fifty

THIS has been recognised as one of the most impactful companies to work for and awarded the Impact Fifty Award 2023. Impact Fifty recognises only 50 companies for their commitment to creating a workplace environment where all employees feel they are making a genuine impact on an important cause.


Impact Fifty is the latest series by Hyer, deep diving into the world of impact and beyond. Exploring the most meaningful places to work and going behind the scenes to meet the most defining companies.

Impact Fifty


THIS is what happens when two meat-lovers checked out meat-free food, and decided that we didn’t want any of it.


THIS is a high-growth, VC-backed emerging leader in producing plant-based food. Meat alternatives, to be exact. In fact if we’re being reallllly exact – our products are at the leading-edge of the plant-based sector in terms of taste, texture and appearance. since our launch in June 2019, the company has experienced extremely significant growth in revenue – 188% in the last year. We have strong aspirations to continue this growth trajectory as we aim to be the no.1 plant based brand in the UK and beyond and we believe we have the team (70 plus and growing) and investment to do achieve this.

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Meet the team behind THIS

Andy Shovel

Founder and Co-CEO

Why are you personally connected to the company's mission? 

Inside the culture

The culture behind THIS


"Feedback is seen as something super important at THIS as it helps not just individual growth but company growth too. We're building this culture through open communication models as well as enlisting everyone at THIS on L&D courses centered around being able to give feedback as well as how to act on it.

We're currently trying to build a feedback culture, something that is really important to us as a business is the use of feedback across all levels of the business.

We want our people to feel a sense of purpose, that what they're doing is contributing to a B-Corp certified business that is here to make a positive impact on the climate and is focused on improving sustainability. Moreover, everyone has a level of entrepreneurial spirit. We want people to feel empowered through their work and see what their output is worth to a high-potential, fast-paced business.

Impact Leaders

Impact Fifty is a movement that selects only the highest standard careers and companies that genuinely make an impact on important causes.


As a result of being selected into Impact Fifty, THIS has proved and continues to commit to creating a workplace environment where all employees feel that they are making a genuine impact on an important cause.


Careers that make a difference


Impact Fifty Leaders

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Careers that mean more

Live Jobs
with THIS

Careers that mean more

"I get to create impactful work which helps people better understand the benefits of plant-based food"

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Milo Nicholson, Marketing Executive

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