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Winnow has been selected for the Impact Fifty Award

Impact Fifty

Winnow has been recognised as one of the most impactful companies to work for and awarded the Impact Fifty Award 2023. Impact Fifty recognises only 50 companies for their commitment to creating a workplace environment where all employees feel they are making a genuine impact on an important cause.


Impact Fifty is the latest series by Hyer, deep diving into the world of impact and beyond. Exploring the most meaningful places to work and going behind the scenes to meet the most defining companies.

Impact Fifty


Winnow is a tech company that develops Artificial Intelligence (AI) tools designed to help large hospitality businesses reduce food waste and increase profits. Food waste alone makes up roughly 10% of global carbon emissions annually. And nearly 20% of food purchased by commercial kitchens ends up as waste. Winnow has helped thousands of chefs and kitchens around the world prevent 36 million meals from being thrown out, and they’ve partnered with Ikea to cut their food waste in half throughout their 400 stores. Winnow’s big, hairy and audacious goal is to save $1 billion worth of food from the bin each year.

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Meet the team behind Winnow

David Jackson

Marketing Director

What excites you most about the future impact you'll make?

Inside the culture

The culture behind Winnow


"We are mission-led and purposeful, hungry yet humble, people of action doing incredible things with technology that solves an important problem. 

We aim for all Winnow team members to feel included in that journey. Everyone has a role to play, whether in a technical role developing world-leading AI, in customer facing roles helping our users fight food waste or those working in important areas like finance and HR, everyone has a role to play. 

We screen for people passionate about making an impact on the problem of food waste. That's a must no matter how good your CV is. Ambitious, curious, empathetic people do well at Winnow. 

Impact Leaders

Impact Fifty is a movement that selects only the highest standard careers and companies that genuinely make an impact on important causes.


As a result of being selected into Impact Fifty, Winnow has proved and continues to commit to creating a workplace environment where all employees feel that they are making a genuine impact on an important cause.


Careers that make a difference


Impact Fifty Leaders

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Careers that mean more

Live Jobs
with  Winnow

Careers that mean more

"I get to work on reducing the impact of meaningful problems and build hope for the future on the appreciation and enthusiasm of everyone I work with."

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David, UX/UI Designer

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